The birth of Dhyanse Sit

Dhyanse is a meditation coach based in Basel, Switzerland with 10000+ hours of silent meditation experience.

He is the founder of Meditation Easy App, author of the book ’10 Bulls of Meditation’ and a speaker inspiring large audiences into mind opening conversations. In his unique approach to mindfulness & meditation, he offers tools, techniques and lifestyle designs which can transform the inner core of a human being to attain silence, bliss and higher consciousness.

Born and brought up in India, Dhyanse learnt meditation at an early age of 5 from his father. He moved to Germany in 2008 to understand the western lifestyle and accordingly develop a contemporary approach to learning mindfulness & meditation. He brings the core essence of ancient Indian wisdom traditions of Yoga, Tantra, Zen into his teachings, without following any particular belief system.

Dhyanse Meditation Basel

While conducting meditation sessions, he noticed that one of the biggest challenges meditators face is to sit straight in a cross legged posture, especially in the western part of the world where sitting cross legged is not a natural posture, unlike in most Asian cultures. He tested several options in the market but none of the existing cushions available in different shapes and sizes provided a perfect posture. So he committed to solve this problem himself. After 3 years of rigorous product development and testing by hundreds of meditators, Dhyanse Sit came to life!

Get your Dhyanse Sit and be prepared to upgrade your meditation journey.